Happy Humanitarian Day: People Helping People

"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something." ~Unknown
by Dana R. Arevalo

Today is World Humanitarian Day, take time to recognize those who give their time to those who are less fortunate.  There are various organizations that you can give your time to.  Some notable organizations are: 

I recently came across this website called, IndieGoGo, it is a site that allows individuals to develop a funding campaign for hardships and many other diverse reasons.  I looked around the site awhile and came across one story that I wanted to share.  A story about a mom who was recently killed by a drunk driver while riding her bicycle. I feel for this family as I am a mother and could not imagine how these children are feeling. Please think about donating a small amount ($5.00) as it will go towards her children's education.  See more here:  Motherless Children. One never knows what the future holds. 

Thanks for visiting today!


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