Important Women's Health Update:Bonus Post

 by Dana R. Arevalo

Welcome.  I am happy to have the opportunity to share important health updates with the public from time to time.  Today, I would like to inform you about an alarming risk that has been discovered.   The FDA has been discussing   a gynecological device that is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon.  It is called the transvaginal mesh implant.  I recall viewing a commercial about this alert, I believe it was regarding a transvaginal mesh lawsuit. This truly sounds serious...

What is the Transvaginal Mesh Implant?

Simply, it is a plastic device that is used by surgeons for pelvic organ prolapse.  Pelvic organ prolapse  takes place when the muscles supporting the pelvic organs weaken and shift out of place.  The mesh device is used to support the vaginal wall. 

Beginning around June 2012, the FDA has issued various warnings about this implant. 

Warning Signs include:


Painful Intercourse

Problems urinating

Bleeding and discomfort

Thank you for reading, if you believe you have a medical emergency, due to this device, please contact your physician immediately.

Please note:  This message is brought to you by our friends at Simmons Attorneys at Law. 

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