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by DRA

It's that time again...Monday morning.  Today's message is strength and I have written a small poem for all of my readers!  We all have strength inside of us.  Sometimes it takes a little extra time for us to reach inside and let it shine.   

by Dana R. Arevalo
Everyone has the ability to shine
Don't believe me?
 Feeling down and hopeless; in a bind?

Remember YOU are important and smile
YOU are special!
Frowning and feeling you cannot push yourself that extra mile?

Honestly, it is in your mind
Who is she?
Why, is she so kind?

I am not that kind you see
Everyone bears strength
You must reach inside breathe and let things be

Do not push your troubles aside
Believe in YOU
Learn how to deal with them, please don't hide

Examine your problems inside and out
Never DOUBT or pout
You do have strength, NEVER doubt

Learn from experience and accept certain things
Smile and let the happiness in
You will feel so much strength and control like a queen or king

Still don't believe me, it is worth a try?
You are STRONG
You can achieve anything...I am positive, no lie

Always remember you do have strength...and lots of it!  You just have to believe in yourself and make plans to change what you do not like or want in your life. 

Be well this week and always,
Dana xo


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