Beachbody A Scheme?

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Is Beachbody a pyramid scheme?

First let me ask you this... Do you know what a pyramid scheme is?
I feel as though people assume Beachbody is a pyramid scheme not fully understanding what a pyramid scheme is. They are warned by others to not fall for “those” schemes... Thinking anything you spend money on is a scheme

What is a pyramid scheme...

A pyramid scheme is ...."A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public." (Wikipedia)
A pyramid scheme is when someone promises you x amount of money by recruiting people to invest in 100 $ and you investing in 100$ too. There is not product involved and a large amount of money is being spent. Usually, it sounds like a quick way to make money...but it's not.

There are some schemes disguised as multilevel marketing.

The FTC warns "Not all multilevel marketing plans are legitimate. Some are pyramid schemes. It's best not to get involved in plans where the money you make is based primarily on the number of distributors you recruit and your sales to them, rather than on your sales to people outside the plan who intend to use the products."[36] and states that research is your best tool, giving eight steps to follow:[36]
  • Find — and study — the company’s track record
  • Learn about the product
  • Ask questions
  • Understand any restrictions
  • Talk to other distributors (beware of shills)
  • Consider using a friend or adviser as a neutral sounding board or for a gut check
  • Take your time
  • Think about whether this plan suits your talents and goals
Beachbody is MLM- multilevel marketing ... But it's not a scheme for these reasons.....

As a Beachbody coach you have to sell the products in order to make money.

You have a choice to recruit people but it's not required. When you do recruit people, the company Beachbody pays you bonuses when your team (recruits) does well as a whole. Some MLM make money by taking a percentage off your recruits’ sales. As a Beachbody Coach, money is not taken from your recruits. The money comes directly from the company not other people.

You can learn more how bonuses and money is made as a Beachbody coach by emailing me at

Here is a list of MLM that is according to consumer fraud report is a scheme.
Here is a video with more info about MLM and Schemes

I personally do not think Beachbody is a scheme because I do not have to invest a large amount of money and it’s not an easy way to make money! LOL…..

The products are legit! Such products include p90x, Insanity, Shakeology, Cha Lean...etc...

The company provides you with customers through its customer lead program! What company gives you customers? in other words hands over commission to you?

Beachbody has also spent thousand of advertising their products, as compared to other MLM that depend on word of mouth advertising.

Now that you have a better understanding what a scheme is...let me ask you this....

Do you think Beachbody is a scheme?

If so each its own...=)

If not...  Feel free to contact me if you want to join me team. :)

read my blog post on what does a beachbody coach do.

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