Dream Big, Take the Plunge

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By Dana R. Arevalo

Dream big! I hold a firm belief that anything is possible. You may be thinking, how? Or, perhaps, you may feel that I am not being realistic. However, I am being completely realistic and serious. Your dreams are possible, the key is that you must take action. One cannot sit around and expect things to magically appear or happen.

I have personally witnessed and lived it. I have a close friend who always had the desire to fight in a MMA match. He worked hard, trained hard, and most importantly believed in himself and his abilities. He got his match and he won. It was an amazing experience to watch. If one possesses a burning desire, whether it be to pursue their dream job, dream house, or even a fitness or weight loss dream it is possible.

If you are still being skeptical or wondering how? You must change your attitude. You cannot block your mind with negative thoughts or ponder over how to get there. I have always dreamed of writing. Presently, I am writing daily. I may not be making tons of money, but I have made wonderful contacts, was introduced to a wealth of great resources and information, and I have the desire to write a book. I know I will be successful. If you want something bad enough, you must give it your all. It is not possible to do it overnight or all at once, but keep in mind, it is possible. Remain, motivated, determined, positive, you will persevere and be successful.

Still not convinced? Try being positive for one whole day. You will have a wonderful day. It is actually Murphy's Law reversed. Murphy's Law states "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". Think of it this way, "Anything that can go right, will go right".

Dana's suggestions:

Find the positive in a negative experience.
Set small goals and follow through

Small goals will lead up to one large accomplishment.

People make mistakes, learn from them. You will fail more than once, figure out how to do things better. Never give up.

Dream Big and grow into it!

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