Food Consumption and Caloric Intake

"Don't let OBESITY get in the WEIGH of your fun" ~ D.W.

by Dana R. Arevalo

Hello.  I hope everyone is well today.  I enjoy sharing great nutrition finds.  I discovered a documentary that I am still reviewing and will discuss soon in an upcoming post.  The documentary discusses how Americans consume the most amount of calories as opposed to other nations and spend the least amount of money on food.  We are truly imbalanced when it comes to food consumption versus food cost.  
I was conducting further research on food consumption and came across an infographic that maps out the different countries, their caloric intake and food expenditures.  I attempted to post it here for your review, however, it was entirely to small.  See the numbers here:  World's Food Consumption
The US is in trouble!  The average person consumes almost 4,000 calories per day.  We certainly do not want to pass this on to our children but we have been as childhood obesity is a well known issue.  This doesn't mean we cannot change this notion. 
Stay tuned for a future post about the documentary that I viewed, it is a must see! 
Thank you for visiting today.
Dana xo


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