Keeping Creatvity Alive

by Dana R. Arevalo

Good morning. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, so far. From time to time I enjoy writing some extra posts when I come across amazing thoughts or ideas. Well that is what is happening, I have been coming across some amazing infographics lately. There is something about facts, information and well detailed graphics that catch my attention. They are perfect for business promotion, marketing, and keeping creativity alive.  
Today I present, How to Break Out of a Creative rut... I consider the infographic as... keeping creativity alive.  Some things to remember, never try too hard and let your ideas flow naturally.  We cannot be at a computer 24/7, although I would love to be.  I enter my ideas into the note area on my phone or add them directly to the Blogger application.  I have done this several times, be confident in yourself. When you sit down to create the post your ideas will come back to you. 
Have a creative day!  ~ Dana xo  

How to Break Out of a Creative Rut
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