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Looking to work from home??
Look into becoming a coach!

As a Beachbody coach you provide support, fitness programs, and supplements for proper weight loss.

When you sign up as a coach you can make money by .....

Selling Beachbody products AND/OR Build a team of Beachbody Coaches.

 Notice the "AND/OR"… you are not required to build a team in order to make money…. You can make money only selling the products… or you can do both…You have the choice

Email me at peelejennifer@yahoo.com for information on How To Make Money.

Still confused? Don't know what exactly a coach does?

It’s simple… you sell fitness programs!  You distribute beachbody programs, you are a marketer, you are direct seller, consultant… whatever you want to call it.

I guess you are wondering how do you Sell or build a team?


After you sign up as a coach…You'll receive a How To Start Right Packet AND beachbody will provide you with constant training on the HOW TO for your  business! 

Worried Beachbody is a Scheme?? Read my Blog post about Pyramid Schemes.

How much does it cost to get started???
It is only 40$ To become a Beachbody Coach, and a 15$ monthly fee for a back office, personalized website, email, and access to resources, training, videos, banners, forms needed for your business.

As a coach I do not have to invest on products and keep inventory. The buying process is completed online. I give my link to those asking to buy a fitness program and that's it. :) I make commission.

Email me with any question! peelejennifer@yahoo.com

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