Motivational Monday's with 365 Days of Health & Fitness

by Dana R. Arevalo


"To assert your willpower is simply to make up your mind that you want something, and then refuse to be put off." - Phillip Cooper

It's Monday again (smiling).  I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. 

Having willpower is paramount when one is on a path to success, no matter what their goal may be. At first, when something is new, willpower may be hard to maintain.  It is always easier to give-up or give-in as opposed to sticking it out, as individuals may not feel confident.  We must not forget that anyone can do anything when they believe.   

Give yourself some time, you will gain confidence as you become used to your fitness or eating routine.  Willpower keeps one strong.  Willpower is one's self-discipline...inner strength, it helps us block alluring thoughts or inviting ideas.

Thank you for visiting.  Enjoy today! 

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