Thursday's Pick: Children & Fitness

By Dana R. Arevalo

"If you don’t make mistakes, you aren’t really trying." -Unknown

Lounging around watching television early one morning, I came across a unique fitness sensation.  A child, yes....a 10-year-old boy named C.J. Senter.  C.J.'s parents reveal that he was not pushed to exercise, he decided to exercise on his own and does not lift weights.  C.J. eats healthy and has developed several calisthenic routines and is known as "the Workout Kid".  His goal is to motivate other children to get into shape.  While many support the idea, others wonder should a child be in such tip-top shape as far as the defined muscles and strict dieting regimen? 

In the early news program, C.J. was teaching exercises to children whom looked very enthusiastic and were having lots of fun. I feel that it is okay, as long as, he is not being forced to do strenuous exercises or anything that causes him extreme stress, etc.  C.J. Senter is ultimately a mentor to other children and gets them moving. 

To learn more about C.J. CLICK HERE!

Disclosure:  This post is solely my point-of-view. I am in no way affiliated with any marketing or distributing companies that are affiliated with the above, nor was I paid for this post.  My suggestions should never be used in place of an expert opinion.  Thank you. 


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