Bonus Post: Do You Have Insurance?

by Dana R. Arevalo 

Welcome, Sunday.  I am happy to provide you with some important information about insurance.  There are several forms of insurance some of which you may or may not have heard about.  They include: health, life, burial, renters,  homeowners, motorcycle, sports, etc.  Today we will focus on  Mortgage Life Insurance.  

What is Mortgage Life Insurance? If you or a loved one is a homeowner, it is something to learn about and consider. Mortgage Life insurance helps loved ones remain in the family home after one is deceased.  Death is a subject that we do not like to discuss, however, it is a fact of life.  We love our families and want to make sure that they are prepared in case the inevitable happens.  With this type of insurance, the family is able to stay in the home because the insurance company is responsible for paying the mortgage balance.  This offers a peace of mind and may help eliminate a financial disaster at the loss of income.  

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