Bonus Post: Positive Change

by Dana R. Arevalo 

Welcome to our site today.  We hope that everyone is enjoying their week as we begin the weekend.  Today's topic is change.  At times, people are confused on where to start first.  I suggest that one begin change at home.  There is no correct time to change.  If one waits, projects and goals will remain unfinished. 

About a week ago, during our topic discussion about clutter, I mentioned that we had moved into our home a little over six years ago.  There are many unfinished projects.  Let's take the bathroom for instance, it is necessary to change many of its features such as the tile, and the bathroom fittings and fixtures.  I am looking for something beautiful and peaceful.    

I must admit my bathroom at times is my sanctuary.  It is a place to reflect and relax or soak in a comfortable bubble bath to forget of the outside world.  It is important that it looks and feels comfortable and is in immaculate condition.  

Replace old or broken fixtures, fittings, and tiles.  Change the paint color on the wall.  No matter what you do, make change positive and comfortable for the sake of you and your family.  Do not let any more time fade away.   

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