Motivational Monday with 365 Days of Health & Fitness

by Dana R. Arevalo 

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend.  

As time goes by, I reminiscence about the small things in life.  It is the little things that go a long way.  I am remembering one childhood memory today.  

I will never forget a card that my mother placed in my lunch when I was in grade school.  This memory sticks with me as I make my own children's lunch.  The outside of the card was an adult hand overlapping a child's hand, I remember the card vividly.  It was a very small gesture, however, it made me feel amazing.  

Memories ~ "They are windows that give us glimpses of beautiful moments stored in the recesses of our mind" ~ S. Khurana (

Small expressive gestures go a long way.  

What are some "little things" that meant the world to you?  

Until next time...

Dana xo 

Psssstttt....remember, "little things" go a long way with exercise, as well.  Are you off of your routine?  Start will allow you to feel refreshed.  

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