Motivational Monday's with 365 Days of Health and Fitness: Say NO!

"We need to find the courage to say 'NO' to the things and people that are not serving us if we want to rediscover ourselves and live our lives with authenticity." ~ Barbara DeAngelis

by Dana R. Arevalo 

Hello ~ it's  Come on, at least try to!  A smile can turn your day around.  Remember that and smile or smile at it is time to get down to business and discuss today's message - saying NO! 

Have you ever felt bad or guilty telling someone, No?  Think about it for a moment, we cannot always say "yes" every time we are asked to do something or help out.  Each time we say "yes" and put another's project or task in front of ours, we lose ourselves and our authenticity.    We need to concentrate on doing things for ourselves rather than others.  

Saying "no" does not make one rude or less helpful.  If you say yes all the time for any situation people begin to expect certain things and take advantage of you.  It's honestly okay to say no!  

Saying "no" can be done politely and sternly.  I located a great reference article from Psychology Today that guides you through how to say "no" nicely!  Here is one way to view saying no:  The person asking for the favor or task must accept your answer, you are in control of the situation.  They need your help.  If they dislike your "no" let them own the issue.  Doing so will take practice and eventually your guilt will diminish.    

If you need some extra help on how to say no!  I recommended the following books which you can purchase here via (please see below).  

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Be well! 

Dana R. A. 

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