Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

"A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself, and only herself." ~ Justice Cabarel

by Dana R. Arevalo 

Good Morning.  I hope everyone is well today.  I truly love to share my ideas and brainstorming with the world.   Those who follow and read my posts, are aware.  Today, I am sharing the random thoughts that are running through my mind.  This exercise is integral to the writing process; it keeps ideas flowing and free.  It helps create beautiful pieces.  Writing without pressure or deadline.  It may not make much sense to the reader...but it allows the writer to form ideas and vent in a way.  

Thought One:  As much as I try over-thinking seems to creep back in. Over-thinking could truly limit a persons ability to create a beautiful masterpiece....something that I was destined to do.  Never try too hard.  When you try to hard it never works.  

Thought Two:  Why, do I feel the way I do?  The answer is who cares!  Always be yourself!  There is always someone who believes in you and your abilities.  Feed off their strength and energy! Make your mark in society and life.  Difference is what makes us unique.  Our thoughts and struggles are what makes us who we are...something to never hide!  

Thought Three:  Let your imagination run wild.  Never block thoughts.  These thoughts may take you to a place that lets you breath, relax, be scared...any type of emotion that one needs to release.  Do it in private, but keep doing it you will learn a lot about yourself.  

Thought Four:  Pamper yourself..spoil you.  Do what you love.  Be productive.  Enjoy.  Indulge.. celebrate you.  Go to a movie "by yourself".  Go to your favorite restaurant, solo.  Order fries and gravy...treat yourself to a root-beer float.  Try to do this once per month or at least every other month.  You deserve to spend time by yourself.  

Thought Five:  Life was meant to be enjoyable.  Take the good and be gracious.  Turn the negative to positive lessons learned.  Always remain positive, things always turn out how they were meant to be.  They will arrive naturally, although one hates waiting.  Good things come to those who wait.    

I ask that you try this exercise and share how it worked.  

Hope you enjoyed!

Keeping creativity alive!!

Dana xo 


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