Special Share on Nutrition

"Life is a tragedy of nutrition" ~ Arnold Ehret 

by Dana R. Arevalo

I tried to stick to my twice per week temporary posting schedule but cannot!  I have been finding many things worth sharing and cannot wait to pass them along, talk about impatient.  Well, my impatience is a good thing for you as you will benefit from my finds ahead of time!  

Today, I have two exciting things to share with you!  The first is that I have located an amazing nutrition blog with great posts with important topics such as diabetes, exercise, and recipes.  

Without further anticipation, I welcome you to visit Brit M's blog:

I am super excited to have connected with Brit who has agreed to guest post about nutrition from time to time.  Brit is a nutrition student, therefore she will steer us in the right direction when it comes to FOOD.  We all know that food can be both our friend and enemy, we just have to know how to work-it!  

My second announcement is I have learned of an excellent source for education.  I am taking a nutrition course through Coursera dot org.  I hold my MBA in business, however, I enjoy taking diverse classes.  All classes are FREE and from well-known universities such as Stanford and Harvard.  Students receive a certificate at the end of each course, if they pass.  I encourage you to visit their site as they offer more than health topics.  

As always, I am happy that you have visited me today and hope that you visit again, 

Dana R. A.  


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