Bonus Post: Short-term Health Insurance

by Dana R. Arevalo

Welcome.  Today I am excited to present some information that I was unaware of: "short-term" health insurance.  With today's job market, many are forced to take temporary or short-term jobs that do not include health insurance.    Short-term health insurance can help during this type of circumstance.  It is a necessity. 

It is never a good idea to be uninsured.  Emergencies take place daily.  It is good to keep on top of all of your health insurance options. To review some short term health care insurance solutions click here.  Suppose you needed stitches or became ill with food poisoning and required an emergency room visit.  It is better to be insured so that you do not incur expensive medical bills that will take years to pay.   

The general public, including me, is often unaware of  all of their insurance and financial options.  It wasn't until I personally took business courses that I became knowledgeable.  For basic financial information such as stock information Google finance is an excellent reference. 

Better to be safe than sorry! 

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