Cold Shower!

"Think Tank, noun: The shower." ~ Craig Bruce
by Dana R. Arevalo 

Good day!  Hope everyone is enjoying their time, if not, hop in a cold shower!  Boosting energy has been on my mind since last months post on feeling sleepy and tips to energize. I cannot recall where...I read or viewed taking a cold shower can boost ones energy.  Hmmm, I wonder if my next post should be on boosting ones memory.  

In all seriousness, let's see how and why cold showers work in energizing.  

The coldness gives one an awakening push or zing to wake them up. I believe what happens is that the cold temperature increases ones blood circulation enough to keep them energized for a long period of time.  

In searching this topic, I found that cold showers have a wealth of benefits.  Cold showers are beneficial to ones physical and mental well being.  Most notably, cold showers help boost ones immune system.    

Click here to learn all seven benefits a cold shower may have.  

Does anyone routinely take cold showers?  I am very curious to learn about their experiences, especially during the cold winter months.  


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