Exercise - Mental and Physical Roadblocks

by Igor Marcikic

If you are a fit, young guy/girl and exercise regularly you should be in a good shape, right? But, some people seem to struggle, they find themselves more and more tired each day; got that feeling they didn't get enough rest, even after two or three days.  If this is the case with you, it is probably a good time to check your iron level. Just give your doctor a ring and set up a blood test, you got nothing to lose. 

During exercises, the iron in your body is slowly being lost through sweat, and if you don’t compensate with a proper nutrition, you can quickly find yourself iron deprived. Also, it is not uncommon for women in their 30`s or 40`s to have iron deficiency. It`s nothing serious though, you don’t need to worry too much, just get proper supplement and you will soon be back to your regular self. Yes, it tastes awful but just think of the benefits it will give you and “shove” it down your throat.

Best Time For Exercise

First of all, I`d like to say that there is no universal time for exercise, a precise part of the day that will suite everybody. For example, I don’t like exercising in the morning, so I usually schedule my exercise late in the afternoon or in the evening.

But if you do have iron deficiency, it would be best if you could get yourself to exercise in the morning, before breakfast. Because, if you wait too long, you can find yourself as being “too tired to exercise” or simply having lost all of your motivation. So step up, and change your habits. I can advise waking up to music. Music will shake you up and prepare for those dreaded, morning exercises.

Staying Focused

Sometimes you honestly will be just too tired to work out, and soon enough you will be skipping your scheduled daily exercises and think about quitting exercising altogether. You need to fight those thoughts and feelings and stick to your routine, because sometimes, it is the exercise itself that will make you feel more relaxed and invigorated.

I am not going to talk about the health benefits of working out, since we are all aware of them, I want to address those deeper feelings. Did you even notice how full of energy and life you are after you do your exercises? After a good exercise, even though I feel tired in my muscles and body, my mind is so relaxed, my confidence rises and I feel like I could do anything. I`m sure you know the feeling. So the question is, do you want to throw all that away and go back to sitting at your computer/TV whole day saying: “Oh, wish I didn’t finish that pizza/ice cream/bag of chips etc…” Think about it…

Change Things Up

I`m not going to lie, sometimes I feel bored while exercising and even though I know those exercises are good for my health, fitness, strength and longevity, I suddenly decide to stop. It`s like a mind roadblock that`s keeping me from going forward.
When that happens, you know it is time to change things up and there are two ways to do so. The first one is progression and the second is “complete change.”

Progression. Progression is good when you feel like you are strong enough to take “the next step.” So, for example, instead of doing 10 repetitions try doing 15; you get the idea. Progress forward, increasing the number of repetitions or, if you are lifting weights, increase the weight.

“Complete Change.” If the progressions itself isn’t enough to keep you motivated and interested, try changing your exercise routine completely. You can find a ton of different exercising routines on the Web, just make sure you pick one that suits your current fitness condition.

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