Further your chance at education with scholarships- Bonus

by Dana R. Arevalo, MBA


Hello.  I hope everyone is doing well today.  I am extremely happy to provide you with some excellent data regarding a website that provides information on many different scholarships and grant opportunities to college students.  We all know that the cost of college is rising as are student loan interest rates. Recently, in fact, the student loan debt rose above credit card debt in the US.  I know first hand all about student loans and owing money, therefore the best way to go to school is for free.  

With the rising cost of college tuition, and the small amount that many companies provide for tuition assistance and reimbursement; your best bet is to seek scholarships and or grants.  Scholarships are not just limited to honor roll students.  There are many diverse types of scholarships out there.  The best way to find out about what type of assistance and scholarships are available is through a website directory.  Remember, there is one out there for you and the amazing thing is that they are FREE and do not have to be paid back as loans do. Start your research early as many have important deadlines and criteria.  

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With appreciation, 
Dana R. A. 


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