I Have a Secret to Tell You

"When I examine myself and my way of thinking, I come to the conclusion that the gift of imagination and fantasy meant more to me than any ability to think abstractly" ~ Einstein
by Dana R. Arevalo

Hello Friends!  Welcome.  Today is a must read - Motivational Monday!

I have spoke about the SECRET before and I have recently watched it again and I feel great! 

I want everyone to stop and think how they are truly feeling right now in the moment.  We control our life through our thoughts and feelings.  We attract things, people, and feelings into our lives.  I have also spoke about reverse Murphy's Law.  If you start out the day on a bad note, the rest of the day will be bad because you are "expecting it" "attracting it" into your life.  Try thinking the opposite ~ have a good breakfast or refreshing glass of orange juice and know your day will be amazing!  Guess What? You will have a damn good day - I promise! 

You may feel that I am thinking irrationally, I am not. I  will use myself as an example.  I have always wanted to become a professional author.  I am not merely sitting here and hoping and thinking my life will change overnight.  "I" just as "YOU"  have the choice to do the things that we want to do, but you must take action.  I always, tell myself, I am meant to be extremely successful in my writing, and I know I will be once I finish my first publishing project.  I am not waiting for things to happen, I am writing to my hearts content and networking with individuals in this field.  I have the ability to get what I want in this field and life!

I truly believe in 'The Secret'.  Mindset and emotions can make or break our lives.  A person can choose to sit around and sulk in their sorrows or go out into the world and experience it.  The Secret is not such a secret anymore.    Many lived the secret - Einstein was one. Know what you want - do not focus on what you do not want.  Pay attention to your thoughts - Open your Eyes!

"You can have do or be anything you want" ~ The Secret!  

Believe it, understand it, LIVE IT! 


  1. LOVE this post Dan.
    Wishing you all the best with your aspirations and dreams to become an author! xxx

  2. Brish,

    Thank you !! I am currently working on a project and I want you to be involved. I will email you the details shortly!



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