Supplemental Insurance is a necessity

by Dana R. Arevalo 

Welcome.  I hope everyone is well today.  I am happy to be able to bring you some supplemental health insurance news.  With the state of the US economy and possible upcoming insurance changes, it is better to be securely insured with both regular and supplemental health insurance. An "extra" emphasis intended for seniors.  So many are struggling financially and confused about their health insurance plans and options. Many insuraance plans today only cover 80% forcing the patients to cover 20%.  This adds up with expensive physician visits and tests.

Medigap insurance and or supplemental insurance are not "wants"...they are needs.  A complete necessity!  

The Medicare enrollment deadline is fast approaching. In fact, open enrollment for Medicare ends December 7, 2012.  For the majority of individuals, Medicare alone is not enough coverage.   

Beome informed of all your options...TODAY!  

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  1. Yes, supplemental insurance is really important nowadays, because we can suffer an accident or get sick and the costs of the medications are too high.
    Personally, I'm insured by them: and last year, when I had a problem with a leg, they paid anything that I needed... of course that not free... I'm paying a monthly fee in order to be protected!


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