Thursday Spotlight: Diabetes Epidemic Around the World

by Dana R. Arevalo

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” ~ Buddha

Welcome.  Hope everyone is well.  Today, I am sharing an awakening infographic with you in regard to diabetes.  I agree, it is hard to eat well 100% of the time.  I also must emphasize and be a little hard on everyone (including myself) - have you truly tried to eat well all the time?  If you do not try to give it will eventually fail. 
It is not a secret - DIET and Exercise go together, however, you can do as much exercise as you want, if you do not adapt a healthy eating pattern your exercise is effortless.   Just based upon the current obesity and diabetic epidemic we should definitely be watching what we eat and setting the example for our children.  Read labels..start out slow..small steps turn into big goals. 

Please review the infographic below ~  "Diabetes around the World". 

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DiabetesAroundtheWorldSm Diabetes Around The World [Infographic]

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