Anxiety: How Common is It? : Mental Health Spotlight

by Dana R. Arevalo

Welcome.  For the past couple of days, I have been having major issues with Blogger via desktop.  Today, I will be delivering more than one post.  I apologize that we were off-air yesterday.  Hopefully, we do not experience any further issues. 
Last week, I wrote a post as a contributing writer on the amazing blog P.O.V.  Revisiting the article, I noticed its popularity.  Therefore, I would like everyone to take a moment and recognize mental illness.  Many times individuals are afraid to discuss it in detail out of fear that they will be considered "different" in a bad way.  This is not the case.  Please take it seriously.  Share this with a friend or a loved one.  See the link below: 

Disclosure:  Please note, the author will not be held liable for any content herewith nor is she an expert in psychological or psychaitric disorders.  This post is meant for informational purposes only.  Please contact your physician shall any issues arise.  We will not be held legally responsible for any decisions or thoughts the reader may experience.  


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