Have a Successful Monday

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” - Truman Capote

Happy Monday.  Welcome to Motivational Monday.  Today's topic is success and how, we, as individuals can achieve it. 
I know that we have discussed success many times but today we will think about success as an individual being.  Each person has their own way of thinking and feeling successful.  It is important not to judge others and support them through their journey of success.  It is one of the worst feelings in the world when someone does not support what you personally feel is successful.   Please do not let judgement be the reason you stop your dream. 

What is success? Remember success is not entirely the same for all.  The only one way success could be universal is that success does not magically appear, it comes over time. 

Success also holds various meanings.  Success can be the way a person feels about their own accomplishments.  Failing time over time and trying new ways brings about success.  Success can be as small as having a good day.  A productive enjoyable day. 

According to the wonderful infographic I found (displayed below), success is not simply made up of one thing.  It is made up of many elements or parts.  Remember the lovely periodic table of elements in high school science? Well here is a fun version which is titled the "Elements of Success".  The concept is enjoyable and makes a lot of sense.  It suggests utilizing many elements...the more the merrier. 

The Elements of Success

Have a successful Monday!

Dana xo


  1. Please note if graphic is not showing click the small picture icon and it will bring you to it. It is a must see infographic.

    Thanks - D


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