What is Your Excuse?


By Dana R. Arevalo
 "The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it" - Jordan Belfort
TAKE TWO.  Lately I have been having technical issues with Blogger.  I apologize for today's late post, I generally have everything scheduled ahead of time.  Blogger is not being very nice or perhaps... it may be the browser.  This my friends is not an excuse :). 
Today's topic is: excuses.  What is your excuse for not exercising or  starting that important task that you keep putting off?  I came across this excellent article on Fitness Republic.  I utilize Fitness Republic often.  They have excellent articles and tools that help support a healthy lifestyle.   
Today I saw an article that was written a few weeks ago titled Common Exercise Excuses and their Solutions .  The article emphasizes that "excuses" allow individuals to "self-sabotage" their goals and or efforts. Time generally is my personal excuse.  We must remind ourselves that if we want something we can make the time.  I often find myself overscheduled. The days I use my planner are my most successful days.  Being too tired is another lame excuse...those who have worked out in the past know that - exercise boosts your energy. 
I recommended reading the full article and coming back to discuss excuses. 
Please share with us your common excuse, maybe you did not see it... we love to hear from our readers. 
Thank you for visiting today.
Dana :)

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