Current Flu Epidemic 2013

by Dana R. Arevalo 


Recent news stories regarding the flu truly have me alarmed.  Myself and my children all have been vaccinated for the 2012-2013 influenza season.  The CDC has reported that in 40 + states there is widespread flu activity.  There have also been documented pediatric deaths from the flu. 

The flu doesn't necessarily kill individuals.   It is  the complications that the flu symptoms can produce.  For example, many with the flu become dehydrated which can lead to various medical issues and death.  

Please note that we are currently in the peak season of the flu which runs December through March.    Take some time to review the infographic below.  It contains valuable information about the Flu season.  

I truly believe that it is important to get vaccinated, one cannot get the flu from the vaccination (that is a myth).  I do remember having some arm soreness and feeling a little achy solely the initial time I received the flu shot.  

Flu Season
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Center for Disease Control 


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