I Can Keep Going - I Know I Can

"As long as I'm healthy and can keep going that's what I'll do." - Gunther Schuller

by Dana R. Arevalo 

Welcome.....let's bring on the new week!  

At times we need an extra push to keep us moving forward.  I know that I do.   Several days ago I thought to myself, what can I do to keep myself on track for my fitness goals and aspirations.  Am I happy with my body or am I just too comfortable?  I believe I am both - happy and maybe a bit too comfortable.   I often struggle to find balance - a happy medium.  Do I torture myself by looking at my faults every time I want to grab a bad snack?  Do I ignore the little angel that says - do not do it?  I've tried both.  I find myself making excuses...well it is now time to say "eff" the excuses!  They are getting old and I am getting tired of looking at the same progress.  With that I will make my mantra - "I can keep going....I know I CAN!"

I turned to the Google Plus Community once again and asked them:  What tactic do you use to push yourself to continue your exercise routine?  Tell me what keeps you on your path.  I went on to say - "I thought of looking at my body in the mirror or at old pictures when I was skinny".... after reading their responses....I decided those methods aren't going to work.  The old pictures are the past and the mirror will only torture me.  I don't want to be skinny...I want to be fit!  Let's hear what some of my friends had to say:  

Look at how much I can lift and compare that to how much I want to lift...it's a numbers game for me.   

Well we have a NY Resolutions community that's pretty supportive and the peer pressure of checking in has been very useful in keeping me (and others) on track.

On Saturday as soon as I open my eyes 
I say to myself "healthy or not being able to tie your shoes?"So I get up and go run ......

For me, it's part of my lifestyle. No need to push.

I have an agreement with my boy to do it together...nothing as brutal as an 9 year old sports fanatic...sigh

Skinny jeans.....every girl has that one pair that's too tight

Just the reminder of someone once saying that I was overweight/fat and then looking at myself in the mirror. Not the best motivation but a necessary one.

When I lost weight I just thought of the frustrating moments I had trying to fit into nice clothes and being depressed because I couldn't fit into them, that motivated me. 

Watch motivational boards on pinterest. Post pictures of your bathroom scale showing your actual weight.

Buy expensive clothes... If you gain weight they won't fit. If I gain weight I'm fucked because all my work clothes wouldn't fit!!! And big mirrors always help... 

Just feel so much better - 24 hours a day - when I do.  And I like feeling better physically.

Self motivation!

Dancing/sports is just super fun. No motivation needed there lol.

I truly thank each and every participant...I truly enjoy interacting with them on a daily basis.  We keep each other motivated...and moving forward.  

Thank you for visiting...please do come again soon. 

With love and appreciation, 
Dana xoxoxoxo 


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