Change your Thinking

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” - Albert Einstein

by Dana  R. Arevalo 

Welcome today...welcome Monday...welcome change.  365 days of Health and Fitness has discussed change before, it is so important that we are re-addressing the topic. What can you do to initiate change?  

For the past several days I have been in good spirits.  Why?  I've changed my thinking; I have begun to make small changes.  As humans we often resist change because we become very comfortable with our current situation.  No one enjoys being taken out of their comfort zone.  Some times we need to do things without thinking.  In the future we will discuss making decisions but many daily life decisions should be simple, perhaps routine with no over-thinking.    Over-thinking creates issues that do not even exist.  Unnecessary worrying and stress. I know because I over-think often.  When negative thoughts or what-ifs begin to fill your mind, take a walk, relax, breathe, think positive.  If it has to do with a person - talk to them calmly express your feelings.  If you are important to them, they will listen.  Always remember you must value are important.  
We are here to help you change.  Once our mind is in sync with change our bodies will follow.   Check out this excellent article on changing your body. Let's focus on achieving a better body!!! 

Wishing you a motivational Monday! 

With love and appreciation, 

Dana Xo


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