Define your Necessity

"Necessity is the MOTHER of "Taking Chances" ~ Mark Twain 
by Dana R. Arevalo 

Here we are another birthday passing and I feel as if my life has been at a stand still...time just passing by. Wrong attitude, but hey we all hit a point where things need to be re-evaluated, changes made.  Well I am at that point, if not past that point.  Chances need to be taken and changes made.  It is time to move forward...the first step is to define my necessity.  

The phrase "Define your necessity" came to me a couple of days ago.  We all have needs and wants, priorities and non-essential ideas.    Food, water, and shelter are basic human needs.  Well life is more deeper than that, we should be able to define our own necessities.  Things that we require to get the job done.  Things that we deserve, items make us comfortable.  You can't run and be comfortable if you don't have the proper running shoes.  Another example for me is my writing tools, I need certain things (necessities) in order to be productive.  

With the above thoughts floating through my mind, I began to define my necessity.  Please keep in mind that necessities do not have to be things, they can also be thoughts, feelings, inspiration, and motivation.

Some of my necessities are: to be fit and healthy, to be happy, to always have what I need to be comfortable (silence, my computer, an awesome pen to write with, music when I work out), to write often, to be a wonderful mother and friend, and to begin moving forward with my life, void all negativity.  Remember "impossible is nothing".  When you make them necessities they become priorities;ultimately leading to accomplishments!  

With that said, I am beginning INSANITY today and plan to make an amazing transformation within the next 60 days so that I may establish my necessity of being fit and healthy.  

It is a fun exercise.  I want YOU to try and define your necessity and let us know what you have decided - Do it !!  

Have an amazing Monday!

Dana xoxo


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