Fierce Defined

by Dino Brunetti, 
Contributing Writer at 
365 Days of Health & Fitness

     Welcome to the second installment of Fierce Friday. I don't know about you but whenever I hear the word fierce my mind automatically thinks of a lion. It was probably something I picked up in childhood and has stuck with me ever since. Although I'm not a lion (no seriously I'm not) I still like to think that I maintain a measure of ferocity especially when it comes to my training. How so?...
     My training is based on goals and for the most part my goals have nothing to do with aesthetics. I'm much more concerned with the amount of weight I can move as opposed to having a six pack. That being said not all my goals are weight related. My goals also include speed, endurance, agility and flexibility which cumulatively all help towards my greater goal of moving the earth.

     How does this relate to being fierce? I'm getting there. While at the gym to train, I do so with strict discipline. Usually my programming is done in a way that I know the exact weight I'm going to lift that day and I typically won't stray from that number. Like everyone, I have days that I feel a lot stronger and may add ten pounds to a lift if I feel I can do it safely. On the flip side if I get to the gym and am feeling weak that's when I have to dig deep within my soul and call out that fierce beast within. See where I'm going with this now?

     Say its an off day and I'm not scheduled to lift and just go to do some conditioning or cardio. I'm not the type to get on the treadmill  or elliptical for a half an hour. Instead I head straight for the stair climber. I swear that thing was made by Satan himself, but still it's my go to piece of equipment because its hard, grueling and makes me earn every calorie step by step. My typical time on that torture device is thirty minutes and under no circumstances will I get off, stop or pause the machine until those thirty minutes are up. It goes right back to goal setting/achieving.

     When the weather allows for it I take my conditioning outside and just like at the gym I take the hardest road possible because...well because I'm a sadist I guess. I invested in this device called a prowler. If you're not familiar with it I suggest you YouTube it before you go out and buy one. Its an awkward piece of metal that allows you to stack weights on it and push it around. Sounds fun right? The owner of my gym was nice enough to let me keep it there and push it in the parking lot (no I will not provide pictures of that). To call it exercise is an extreme understatement. It takes about one twenty yard sprint to get winded. By the fourth sprint I'm dry heaving and by the sixth I can be found curled up in the fetal position mumbling "mommy".

     For me being fierce isn't about how much I can lift or how many times I can sprint up and down the bleachers. Instead its about how much I can depend on my psyche to get me to my goal. Given that I train alone, I have no one to fall back on for moral support. I have learned to be my own support network and to never let myself take the easy way out. Taking all of this into consideration....Are you fierce?


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