Pain Relief for Arthritis Sufferers - Pilates

Special Guest Post 
by Igor Marcikic

The reason we are sharing this article with you today is simple – we want to help you deal with arthritis pain. There are a lot of tips and techniques you can equip yourself with in your fight with arthritis, but today we want to talk about one in particular – pilates.

What is Pilates?

Before we go on and start talking about the benefits of pilates as a pain relief technique, I feel like I need to cover the basics.

Pilates is, much like yoga, an exercising routine which involves numerous stretching and strengthening exercises. The great thing about pilates is that it is suitable for people of all age and all fitness/flexibility levels, meaning there are no requirements, you can start straight away! 

The main benefits of pilates are increase in strength, flexibility and improved range of motion.

Pilates for Arthritis Sufferers

As I`ve said before, pilates is suitable for people of all age regardless of your physical fitness and the pain arthritis is causing you. You can exercise on your own terms and go as far as the mobility in your joints allows it.

Now, we will go over some of the main benefits of pilates and discover how can it help you with your pain.


If you start exercising daily, you will see an increase in your mobility. Keeping your joints mobile and increasing the range of motion in arthritis affected joints should be one of your main priorities. By keeping your joints flexible, you will eliminate stiffness and relieve yourself of pain.

In addition to this, by constantly moving and exercising you will, eventually, strengthen your muscles, tendons and the joint surrounding tissue, thus making your joint stronger and less painful.


With age comes joint deterioration, it is just a fact of life and we need to be aware of it. When we are young, our joints are well lubricated and everything is working perfectly, but as we grow older, the level of lubrication in joints decreases, resulting in increased wear and tear and pain.

But, once you start exercising, you will stimulate lubrication within your joints and relieve your pain. Don’t believe me? Start exercising now and prove me wrong.

Weight Control

Another “miss fortune” (if you will allow me to call it that) of getting older is that your metabolism slows down. You become less physically active and, as a result, gain more pounds.

This is where pilates kicks in. The exercises you will be performing are not that physically challenging, but can give you a proper sweat and lift your heart rate up. And if you combine exercises with a proper diet, you will see your excess pounds melting away.

You might be thinking “What does weight have to do with my arthritis pain”, but there are numerous studies that showed the link between weight and arthritis pain. Not only that, they also showed that by losing only a few pounds will result in massive relief to your joints and relive your pain.

That`s it for today, I hope you found this article informative and motivating enough to help you make that change and add a new tool to your “arthritis pain fighting arsenal”. God bless…

Author`s bio: Hi all, this is Igor. I have been tackling back pain problems for several years and just recently I started to turn my attention more to arthritis. If you want more info about arthritis and additional pain relief products, you can click here to find out more.

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