Sexual Addiction : Bonus Information

by Dana Arevalo

I am happy to be able to share this post with you today.  When I come across important data and information, I feel the need to pass it along, especially when it is connected to maintaining a healthy mind and body.  Today's topic is SEX.  

A sexual relationship can be very healthy when a couple compliments each other. What I mean by "compliments" each other is they go together and  want the same things. The couple respects each other and is willing to think of the other when considering certain thoughts and actions.  

Sex is enjoyable when one is in a loving monogamous relationship.   If one partner however, only focuses on sex, when you do not express interest, a red flag should arise.  The person may only talk about sex, ask for sexual pictures, watch movies that you may not feel are respectful, etc.  

Simply defined, sexual addiction is  being unable to control  or manage your sexual behavior.  Some symptoms related to sexual addiction could include: unsafe sex, many casual partners, a strict preoccupation and focus on sex, and frequent masturbation.    If your partner truly cares for and respects you they will be able to openly discuss a sexual relationship.  If something does not feel right and they will not discuss it with you, please consider what you learned here today.  Always practice safe sex.  


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