Tame Your Weakness

by Dino Brunetti, 
Contributing Writer
365 Days of Health and Fitness

     "Four more reps....three...two...ah screw it no one is looking or keeping track of how many reps I did and besides this bar is getting heavy". Have you ever found yourself giving in to this training philosophy? This is one of the most cancerous mindsets a person can have. It may occasionally rear its ugly head during a heavy set of squats and then before long its right there with you while doing push ups and lastly its telling you to cut your conditioning/cardio short because...well because it sucks.

     Don't get me wrong. I understand we all have our moments of weakness. For me its finding the closest parking space, eating those last three slices of pizza, telling myself that a pot of coffee counts towards my daily water intake, etc... I try to take proactive steps to decrease or avoid these momentary lapse of reason. Although I really am terrible with the whole pizza thing but I'll save that for another time.
     When and if I get tempted to cut out a rep or two then I know its time to think way outside the box and rid myself of these thoughts that are trying to weaken me.  The first place I start is home. I look for ways to make an exercise out of everyday activities. When I pick up the laundry basket I do so as if I'm doing a conventional dead lift or a stiff legged dead lift and I make myself recognize the muscles I'm using the same way I would at the gym. When I climb the stairs I do it with authority. One stair at a time just won't cut it. I almost always take two and I almost never use my toes. Heels through the floor just like I'm doing a squat. Forcing that whole posterior chain to do the work for me.

     I work in construction which is both a blessing and a curse. While it does grant me the opportunity to work out all day it also robs me of energy and sometimes leaves me spent before I can make it to the gym, but no matter how physically demanding my task is I will never let it weaken my mind. I challenge myself all day and if I feel like I'm getting close to that wall of death I just remind myself to make that mind to muscle connection and recognize that at that moment in time I'm actually getting paid to train.

     I could go on about how neurotic I am about my daily activities but I'll spare you from that. My point is that anyone can conquer that weakness that creeps up on us all. Some do so by drawing a definitive line in the sand and train themselves not to cross it while another's line me look like something drawn by a blind person on an etch-a-sketch. Grab hold of your weakness and tame it. Let it know that its only job is to let you know when you're too sick to train.


  1. you inspire me. I'm proud of you. I love the way you are able to express yourself when you are inspired by something.

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