Today is the Last day to Splurge

By Dana R. Arevalo

This entry is dedicated to my sister, Marissa.  We are in this together!

Today is the last day to splurge on JUNK food.  Tomorrow is the day I am going to begin my transformation. Today is the day it's time to throw any doubts out the door. No more excuses!!

While we are still stuck in Winter here in the Northeast part of the US, it will soon be warm. Spring will be here before we know it. I've decided I have to be more tough on myself. More disciplined...more goal oriented. I stopped kickboxing over 6 months ago! The good news is my clothes still fit. The bad news is I can see some of the fat coming back.

I am not looking for a model frail body. I am looking for a nice toned body with zero fat. I will get there! What happens to me is I will drop a little weight and then gain muscle. Know your body...not everyone is the same.

The best way...for everyone to lose some inches and perhaps some stomach fat is through walking. I know it's cold...but let's push ourselves I promise we can make it. 30 minute brisk walk is good for your body, mind, and heart.

I am going to be walking and doing many home routines. I will share my progress weekly. I am focused on shedding fat, eating clean, and gaining muscle.

Today my sister and I splurged on yummy diner food. The picture below is cheeseburger that I enjoyed.  No more of this will be allowed...

Let's kick a$$ together!!

Dana xo


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