Zumba and Other Alternative Fitness Ideas for the New Year

Posted by Dana R. Arevalo

Written by Jonny Grant

When you want to start the new year off right with a resolution of being healthier, watching your diet and even adding exercise into your daily routine is the best and most effective choice available. If you are seeking alternative options from traditional exercise, trying Zumba and other fitness habits can help you to achieve your goals while also enjoying yourself while you exercise.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a form of dance style exercise that incorporates a wide variety of moves and difficulty options. Zumba uses Latin-style dance moves to help with toning the body while burning fat during 30, 45 and even 60 minute classes or DVDs. Zumba can be done in the comfort of your own home or even by attending a local gym that hosts these specialist classes. The routines vary based on the instructor you are with or the DVD you choose to watch, as there are many songs and variations depending on your skill level and the preference of workout you have in mind.

Zumba can be an enjoyable activity for both men and women of all ages, and can be taken slower if you are unable to keep up when you first begin. Practice, consistency and a commitment will allow you to get the results you need in a timely manner with Zumba.


Spinning is another fitness alternative to help you with getting into shape and keeping your body in motion. Spinning classes often consist of groups of people who are all using the same spin bikes simultaneously to keep the motivation going and your heart rate up. Spinning is an ideal exercise if you work long hours sitting down or in an office and need a boost of cardio in your routine.


Another way to achieve your goals this new year when it comes to fitness is to begin working with Yoga regularly. Yoga is known as the mental, spiritual and physical discipline, which was first originated in India. Yoga allows you to become more comfortable physically in your own body with new moves, stretches and exercises that work each muscle in the body over time. Yoga requires patience and a dedication to mastering balance, mindfulness and physical discipline.

Strength Training

Aside from increasing your cardio this new year, strength training is another form of physical fitness that can help you to maintain and gain muscle mass. Strength training requires you to lift weights on the off days you are not participating in cardio exercise, helping you to tone up while ensuring any fat loss you have does not result in losing the muscle your body already has as well. Strength training should be incorporated into any health routine if you do not want to risk losing most of your body's muscle mass.

This post was guest written by Jonny Grant of the Chill Factore – an indoor Ski Slope in Manchester. As well as offering a range of ski and snowboard classes the Chill Factore host Zumba fitness classes and an exciting Bootcamp in the snow!


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