Avoid Mid Afternoon Slump Using Natural Methods

Posted by Dana R. Arevalo
Written by Angelika Johnston

Everyone living in this hectic modern world is familiar with mid afternoon energy slump. There are many reasons that contribute in the energy plunge as the day passes by. In these circumstances, it is extremely tempted to long for sugar or caffeine for some quick energy boost. If you happen to go to a super market, you will find a plethora of supplements claiming to provide you instant strength and energy.

Better Things to Do To Enhance Energy:
However, there are no scientific evidences that these supplements actually work. Fortunately enough for you, there are some methods that can help you to enhance your energy naturally.

Prevent Stress:
Stress and depression consumes a huge amount of energy present within you. Therefore, try to avoid stressful situations and talking with friends and relatives or playing a light gentle sport is the best way of doing so. Furthermore, taking help of a psychotherapists and relaxation therapies such as meditation, yoga and self hypnosis can help you to get rid of stress.

Exercise is absolutely necessary as it certainly helps you to sleep more soundly. It provides extra energy to cells to burn and increases the circulation of oxygen to important organs of the body. Finally even a modest exercise like gentle walking will release stress releasing hormones such as epinephrine and norepinephrine and will energize you almost instantly.

Reduce the Burden:
Overwork is the biggest reason of fatigue and tiredness and therefore should be avoided. Hence, you should prioritize your social, professional and family responsibilities where most important tasks come at the top. Moreover, there is no embarrassment in taking help of others in work if necessary.

Stop Smoking:
Smoking is extremely dangerous for health in general and can shrink your energy as it causes insomnia. The nicotine present in tobacco is a stimulant that raises heart beat, blood pressure and finally brain activities attached with tiredness making it tough for you to sleep. Finally if you do manage to go to sleep, the addictive powers of nicotine will awake you up causing cravings.

Diet for Energy:
Instead of taking three big meals a day, it is better to take a healthy breakfast followed by light snacks and meals throughout the day. This approach supplies nutrients steadily to your brains preventing the perceptions of tiredness. Eat foods with low glycemic index as their sugar is slowly digestible and provides a constant supply of energy for longer periods. These foods include whole grain cereals, vegetables and foods rich in proteins and fats. Furthermore, you need to supplement your food by taking natural fruit juices that are perhaps the best healthy energy drinks.

Take at least 6-9 hours of sleep daily as sleeping is the best way to revitalize your body. Lack of sleep and insomnia can lead to stress, obesity and depression and all these factors contribute a lot towards a lethargic and fatigued body.

Limit Alcohol:
If you limit or discard alcohol permanently especially in lunch, then you can decrease your chances of mid afternoon fatigue. The addictive effects of alcohol just like caffeine can consume a lot of energy from your body leaving you tired and lazy.
Finally you need to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration, another big cause of laziness. If you follow these natural methods; you are definitely going to stay energetic and fresh throughout the day.
Author Bio:  Angelika Johnston is a health and fitness expert and writes usually on sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements in addition with weight loss and healthy life in general. 


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