Get paid to Write

Bonus Material
by Dana R. Arevalo
Good Afternoon.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  I am happy to provide the data that I have today as it is personal to me and regarding my favorite topic ~ writing.  I value writing very much and when one is able to do what they love and earn income it is an added bonus.  But, how does one learn the ropes of becoming a successful writer?  I basically learned on my own, however, I am still learning. 
Here are my top two suggestions: 
Learn from professionals.  I recommend utilizing American Writers and Artists as a starting point.  With AWAI you will learn from diverse writers and writing professionals.  They will provide many suggestions, examples, and programs that point you in the proper direction to become successful.   
I also suggest networking with other writers.  People will graciously help you.  I am passionate about writing and if someone asks me to show them how do something, I will help them.  I am where I am today because I had a great mentor who taught me some helpful tips and tricks. I constantly ask questions.  
Please note: Social networking sites such as Twitter and Google Plus are extremely helpful in connecting with people that have similar interests.  Guest blogging and posts are also a great way to share links and for exposure. 


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