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by Dana R. Arevalo
Getting tired of the same routine?  Looking to make a positive life change?  Perhaps, you are tired of living through four extreme weather seasons.  Many individuals look to vacation and retire to warmer climates.  In the Northeast many retirees have homes in sunny Florida.  They spend the Spring, Summer, and early Fall in the Northeast and then travel south to Florida for the Winter. 

Why not move to Florida - year-round?  There are wonderful homes and New Communities in Jensen Beach.  Jensen Beach Florida is a wonderful area for individuals of all ages.  The community is filled with  spacious single family homes.  There are slightly over 125 homes located in one of the new communities at  Jensen beach.  Home buyers are given the opportunity to personalize their home.  The homes also have many features such as gourmet kitchens and dream bathrooms. 

These homes are also located by many convenient places - shopping, golf-course, recreational places, dining, schools, and businesses. If you ever had the desire to relocate, this community is a must-see.  Do not miss out on the opportunity to  view these brand-new homes. 

Some random facts about Jensen Beach, Florida. 
- It has a small population
- Located close to West Palm Beach, FL
- It is located on a beautiful riverfront (Indian River)
- Has well-rated schools
- Fun historical background
- Known as top place to retire in Florida
- Holds an annual "pineapple" festival  

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