FAT FREE - Always check labels

Hello health lovers !!
In my post today, I want to raise awareness on fat-free products. When you go food/grocery shopping you may scan the shelves for fat-free products or 'low in fat items' in the hope of thinking 'hey this won't add to my waistline'. If you do have that thought...well you couldn't be more wrong!

We are often tricked by advertising and slogans into thinking certain foods that are low in fat have good nutrition content, so hey why not go for it. The problem is that these 'low in fat products' actually contain a ridiculous quantity of sugar. Let me breeaaak -it it dowwn for you :)

Sugar, when absorbed, is broken down and is used by our cells for energy. The rest is stored as FAT. Excess sugar consumption results in more fat..basically a big belly , chubby thighs chubby everything :O unless your burning it off in the gym daily ;)

I recently went shopping in search of a good natural greek yoghurt which was indeed labelled 'LOW FAT' only to find it contained a whopping 20.4g of sugar. That is almost the same amount of sugar in a can of coke. I mean shockers wowzers powzers.

read this article by the daily mail on how 'LOW FAT POPCORN' contains masses amount of sugarhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2222725/Popcorn-new-healthy-snack-Is-time-bin-crisps-try-Waitrose-Heston-Blumenthal-Sainsburys-Marks--Spencer-Morrisons.html

key note
Don't cut out dietary fat totally in your diet. Healthy fat is necessary to faclitilate absorpton of fat-soluble vitamins such as A,D,E and K.

Just be aware when shopping of the nutrition content in packaged foods. I'll do a post on the break down of nutrition labels so watch this space ... :)

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