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Term Life Insurance
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by Dana R. Arevalo
While the thought may be morbid, untouched, vague, etc. - have you thought about how your family and loved ones will survive without you upon your death? 
We've discussed death before and if you have not taken it seriously or possibly forgot it is time to take action.  Always have an alternate plan to everything.  Whether it be a plan of action for alternate work should you lose your job or how you  will budget for a vacation - have a plan A, B, and maybe C. Planning helps us truly consider many avenues rather than forcing ourselves into the unknown (stress). 
No one knows when death will come and it is a topic that isn't openly discussed, however, it is imperative to consider how your loved ones will survive without your financial support.  At whatever stage you are in life, there is someone who depends upon you for support. 
While death isn't planned, life insurance, could ease the financial burden placed upon your next of kin.  Discussion of death and dying with the family can also bring up some important thoughts on your last wishes, your funeral, etc. 
I highly recommend visiting  They will provide you with accurate term life insurance quotes from many well reputable insurance companies. 
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