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by Dana R. Arevalo 

Good Day!  Happy May!

I have some exciting announcements... 

As of this week, 365 Days of Health and Fitness reached 465 posts and plans to continue delivering awesome motivational fitness tips and ideas.   We are also working on a  e-book titled 365 Tips of Health, Fitness, and Nutrition.  It is coming along slowly but surely.  Here is a sample of what each tip will include...

Tip 1:  Stumped on what exercise program or routine to participate in? There are various fitness routines and programs.   Keep trying different ones until you find a few that you truly enjoy.  Exercise can be fun and rewarding.  

All of the photos for the book have been taken by us or donated to 365 Days of Health and Fitness from avid supporters and contributors. 

As of today, 365 Days of Health and Fitness has reached over 80,000 hits.  We are very excited.  We've also had 10,000 visits for the month of April alone.  This month will mark the two year anniversary for the blog.  Please visit our first post.  It was titled Mmmmm, Hamburgers.  

Last but not least, we are happy to announce our Alexa global rating is slightly above 1 million.  This means out of  1 billion websites worldwide we are in the top 1 million.   Not to shabby.   

Join our Team...Please view the message below for guest posting opportunities.  

Have an amazing day! 

With love and appreciation, 

D and 365 Days of Health and Fitness 

If you are interested in guest posting and networking please email Danaarev@gmail.com.  It is a great way for exposure and to meet new people with similar interests.  


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