Body-weight Exercises

by Dana R. Arevalo 

Good Afternoon. I hope everyone is doing well this week.  

Today, I have an exciting fitness infographic for you.  Whomever said maintaining a fitness routine is easy is not being 100 % truthful. 

Once you fall into a routine of healthy living fitness becomes second nature.  You begin to crave a lifestyle of fitness.  Many look for excuses not to reach this point.  However, exercise can be fun and fulfilling, the key is to find what fits YOU and never give up!    

One major excuse of skipping exercise is NO time and or NO money to run to the gym.  Guess what?!?  You do not need the gym to exercise.  You will need time but not much time.  Working out in the comfort of your own home saves  time and money.  

Our friend Sergeant Michael Volkin of Strength Stack shows us how to utilize our own "body-weight" to perform exercises at home.  Click on the exercises that interest you to receive video instructions on how to perform them.  

Please feel free to share this infographic. 

As always, we appreciate your support. 

Have other ideas? Please share with us!   

Periodic Table of Bodyweight Exercises
Courtesy of: Strength Stack 52


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