Common signs and symptoms of low blood pressure

Posted by Dana R. Arevalo
Written by Aidan Bertie
Low blood pressure is not as common as high blood pressure complexity in people. However, even low blood pressure  may lead to severity of your health state and cause major problems in a later stage of your life. Blood pressure is mainly resulted when a force is exerted on the walls of arteries by the blood that flows or circulates through the blood vessels. It is highly important to maintain a normal bp or at least satisfactory blood pressure value in your body as it also affects the normal heart beat, activities like breathing and temperature of your body.
Blood pressure is usually measured in the form of two types of pressures- systolic and diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure is the pressure which is determined at the time when blood pumps out blood to all vital organs in the body through blood vessels. On the other side, diastolic pressure is actually that blood pressure in your arteries when heart actually relaxes between two consecutive beats. Generally, two common health problems that are high (hypertension) and low blood pressure (hypotension) are more common in people. Generally, the low blood pressure condition with no significant sign or symptom is normal and healthy for the people. Some of the common signs or symptoms associated with low blood pressure complication are given below:

  • People with a low blood pressure problem show some common symptoms like dizziness and fainting
  • Feeling of lightheartedness for a prolonged time and condition of orthostatic hypotension that includes uneasy feeling during sudden change in postures from sitting to standing or lying position to sitting position.
  • Persistent headache feeling
  • Experiencing irregularity in heart beat or say pumping action of the heart
  • Problem faced during urination such as, burning sensation
  • Body aches in terms of back pain or chest pain 
  • Breathing problems is one of the common problems associated with low blood pressure state in the body
Low blood pressure is a condition when the blood flows in an extremely slow manner. As a result, the essential nutrients or energy supply remains insufficient for many vital organs in the body such as, the heart, brain, or kidneys. Low blood pressure is mostly diagnosed in the cases when there is intake of definite type of drugs such as, narcotics, antidepressants, and cardiac medicines, drugs for lowering anxiety, and alcohol. In rare cases, if the patient is facing diarrhea or is unable to eat and drink any fluid then the individual must contact the physician as these are few common symptoms for low blood pressure state.
If you experience any of the signs or symptoms related to  low blood pressure you must consult a doctor to obtain appropriate treatment. Many diabetes specialists have also stated that the life expectancy of people with low blood pressure problem is higher than people with high blood pressure complication.

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