Staying Fit: The Advantages of Cycling to Work

Posted by Dana R. Arevalo
Written by Annie Dodson
Cycling is widely acknowledged as a great way for individuals to attain fitness and good health. Cycling regularly increases a person's life span and helps him lead a healthier life. Cycling to work is proved to be very effective for increasing longevity and overall health. You can consider buying a road bike and cycle to work instead of driving. A road bike will help you save time since you will not be stuck in traffic and you will also save money on fuel. However, the greatest benefit of riding a bicycle to work is staying fit and healthy. Here are some of the advantages of cycling to work.
Aerobic benefit
Research has shown that cycling enhances cardiovascular fitness. Experts say that riding a bicycle to work can minimize the risk of developing coronary heart illness by half. Buy a road bike and schedule training routine, you can pedal faster then break off at standard intervals. Cycling trains the heart to be strong and minimizes any kind of stress.
Builds stamina
Road bikes are very effective when it comes to building stamina just as running leads to endurance. Improved stamina helps in fighting fatigue and tiredness and facilitates the body's well being. Start cycling to your workplace and experience the difference.
Relaxation and mental health
Cycling has a great relaxing effect and reduces stress levels. The cyclic movement stabilizes the emotional and physical functions of the human body. This counteracts depression, anxiety and many other psychological problems. On the other hand, this form of exercise promotes hormonal balance.
Boosts muscle tone
Riding a bike can help improve muscle function steadily. Cycling regularly strengthens muscles in the legs and is perfect for knee joint and hip mobility. Gradually, you will notice an improvement in your thighs, hips and legs muscle tones. Thus, you will be physical strong and your body will function efficiently.

Burns calories
A great way of losing unwanted pounds is through riding a bike. Regular cycling burns around 300 calories every hour. Therefore, people who have problems with mobility can stimulate their body's fat metabolism and boost their physical fitness through cycling. Since riding a bike aids in building muscles, it also boosts the metabolic rate even after you have finished riding. 
Improves balance and coordination
Road bikes are ideal for maintaining balance and coordination. As people grow older, good balance and coordination becomes more important. Cycling is an exercise involving the entire body and therefore all body parts involved must be coordinated.
Fights high blood pressure and cancer

Moderate cycling reduces blood pressure and fights stroke or other internal organs damage. Normal blood pressure is maintained with a low heart beat rate which can be achieved through regular cycling. Furthermore, frequent physical exercises have been proved to decrease the risk of prostate, colon, endometrial, pancreatic and prostate cancers.
Most physical activities have a direct impact on general health and well being. Advantages of cycling to work are numerous and can have a great impact on your life since you are able to achieve emotional and physical well being. Commuting to work can be quite stressful due to the daily traffic and the fare involved. Buy a road bike and cycle to work to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.
Author BioAnnie Dodson is a fitness expert and blogger. She has been blogging for over five years mainly about; health, wellness and fitness. Currently, she is contributing to the marketing department at Reid Cycles. In her spare time Annie enjoys hiking, yoga and spending time with friends.


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