Get a Slim Upper Body in 5 Moves

by Sara Biston

Arm press back. You can get a slim upper body by using the different type of moves. Such moves can include exercises, dieting and so on. You have an apple-shaped body if your upper body contains fatter than you need according to experts. This means you are full of fat from your belly up, and belly fat is visceral fat. This fat has been found to be related to a rise in the risk for cardiovascular illnesses, type II diabetes and metabolic disruptions says Harvard Medical School. Lifestyle changes are the best and most effective options for eliminating upper body and belly fat. The five moves that will get you to a slim upper body are:

First move: Your diet and food intake

The first thing you need to do is to control your food intake and replace any eating habits you have which are unhealthy for healthy ones. Change processed and sugary foods with fresh vegetables, dairy products that contain little or no fat, complete grains, beans, lean meats, fruits and fish. You should drink water instead of sugar-filled and alcoholic beverages. Do not eat plenty of food in one sitting but instead eat smaller rations but more frequently. Include a part of the protein and dense carbs with each meal. An example of a breakfast meal is blueberries and low-fat milk together with oatmeal. For evening meals, an example might be something like brown rice and steamed broccoli with baked chicken breast.

Second move: Cardiovascular exercises

Carry out various cardiovascular exercises that employ and involve your upper body. If you intend also to drop weight, between sixty and ninety minutes of cardio will be essential says the American College of Sports Medicine. Since the weight you want to shed is from the upper part of your body, select a full-body cardio type like swimming, versus climbing, elliptical training, kickboxing or rowing. Design a three-day weekly workout program. The three days you shall workout on should be non-consecutive.

Third move: Weight lifting exercises

Lift weights so you work on your muscles of the upper body. You can also perform shoulder presses standing straight. This can be done by holding a barbell in front of the shoulders. You will extend your arms out, so you raise the weight above your head before slowly returning to the original position you started from. Some other weight lifting exercises you can do include;
•    Lying reverse curl.
•    Push-ups.
•    Lying triceps extensions.
•    Part curl.
•    Overhead triceps extensions.
•    Half Kneeling biceps curls.
•    Bent-over dumps Bell rolls.

Fourth move: Bench presses

Lie down facing up on a bench to carry out bench presses. You do this on a bench with a barbell over your upper chest area. You then push the barbell vertically up in the direction of the ceiling if you are indoors and the sky if you are outdoors. You then bring it back down in a controlled manner until you get back to the original position from which you started. There are many variations of the bench press, and this was described just to give you an idea and understanding of how it is performed. You can take a look at other variations if you do not like the one described here.

Fifth move: Crunches exercises

Crunches are also exercises that are very effective when you want to slim down your upper body. For this one, lie down on your back so you can do bicycle crunches. Place your fingers under the back of your head (at the back of your head). Now extend and lift both of your legs up. With your legs now up, lift your torso as you bring your right knee towards your chest than try to make contact with the knee using your left elbow. Now switch and straighten the right leg and now raise your left knee in the direction of your chest just as you again twirl your torso then use your right elbow to touch the knee.

In carrying out these exercises, target between ten and twenty reps and between four and five sets of each of the exercises. Alternate three days for your work outs and trade off with cardio in the program.

Using just a few of these moves, you can overturn the normal tendency of muscle loss due to aging that occurs naturally. The secret of success is always regular in whatever method you are employing. Whether your reason is a beautiful dress in winter, or, if you are a man, undressing to be left with only your shorts in summer, those wobbly fat bits which encircle your torso, upper arms and rear quickly and effortlessly ruin your great look. Most exercises for taking care of this are fun to perform. By following them, you can get a slim upper body in 5 moves.


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