Honey Scrubs

by April Renee 

A dear friend used to tell me to wash my face with honey and sugar.  She swore by it.  I always battled acne so the suggestion came with welcome response.  After all, I was willing to try anything.  I tried it a few times, but without any positive result.  

Then I became a writer.  A writer of words and when necessary, lots of research. So, I did some research recently on honey scrubs.  It’s definitely more than just a sweet treat.

I can honestly say, I wish I had been listening to my friend all those years ago.  She had beautiful skin and I just should have listened.  Mind you, I was only twenty-something without much care about pore size and all the other benefits of this natural delight, used in the correct method.  I only wanted to get rid of my acne.

Here’s the thing.  People have been using honey for medicinal purposes, on many levels, for centuries.  Most notably for skin health.  Honey is loaded with nutrients, antioxidants and other healing compounds.  Thus it is said to help moisturize, fight aging and fight bacteria [on the skin]. 

I wondered what I had done wrong all those years ago and dug a little deeper:
It is stated that the best benefit of honey in terms of skin care comes from Pure, Unfiltered blends.  That means that the honey is in its purest form.  I had failed to consider that when trying to use a natural product, any processing means that it has been altered in some way.  Needless to say, when buying honey the trick is to look for labels that boast Unpasteurized or Raw.  Don’t just go after the clover honey in your local grocery aisle.

Keep in mind that there are many different varieties of honey, according to their flower source.  Manuka Honey has more antibiotic properties and a strong pH balance, thus promoting itself as an active acne remedy.  It tends to be the general recommendation for facial scrubs.  Though any dark honey works fine.

Try this simple recipe that I’ve been using.  I think you can just use sugar and honey as my friend had suggested all those years ago… but this one works too:

1 teaspoon Honey
1 teaspoon Baking Soda
1 teaspoon Coconut Oil

Mix it all up in the palm of your hand and then scrub your face with it, gently of course.  The honey works as it will, the baking soda exfoliates and the coconut oil moisturizes, all in one shot.

You can find out more about these honey facts in my article here: 

Isn’t it time to enjoy washing your face?  Give this honey thing a try - you won’t regret it.

Authors Bio:  April Renee is a Freelance Writer and Enthusiast.  She currently studies English and Humanities with a focus in Writing Communications.  Her dedication to writing spans many years across topics of many interests.  She is niched in:

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April has a culturally diverse technique related to promotional marketing and consumer product sales/reviews, including website content and maintenance.  She also has relative experience in advertising and website design pertaining to entrepreneurial startups.

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