Meditation for Anxiety

by April Renee 
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You’ve heard of this before people.  Meditation to relieve anxiety is not a new concept and you should be aware of the notion.

I happen to be very familiar with the process myself and so you can bet your ass I’m going to recommend it.  You don’t need me telling you what to do however - follow the research.

Carnegie Mellon University states that practicing mindfulness meditation for 25 minutes per session for three consecutive days can alleviate psychological stress.  Accordingly, an analysis of previous studies compiled in 2014 showed this type of meditation to be “moderately” effective in battling depression, anxiety and pain.

It is otherwise noted that one of the best definitions of mindfulness comes from Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.  Kabat-Zinn said that mindfulness is, “paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally, to the unfolding of experience moment to moment.

“One of the most important benefits of mindfulness meditation is the ability for us to more fully live our lives,”  according to Janice L. Marturano, executive director of the Institute For Mindful Leadership and the author of ‘Finding the Space to Lead: A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership.’  She further states that “we become more skillful at noticing those times when we aren’t present for our lives, and, more importantly, we know that we are able to redirect our distracted mind.”

A good habit to get into is to pick a designated time every day to meditate.  This comes in many varieties.  Some people write, others do yoga to incorporate exercise into their meditation, while still others practice the typically assumed positions of quiet and solitude for a short (or long) period of time. 

It is important to find your ‘happy place’ and go there as often as possible but meditation is something else entirely.  Meditation is about solace and recognition of self.

“It’s not necessarily about quieting the mind, because the nature of the mind is to think, analyze and compartmentalize,” says Ashley Turner, a California based yoga and meditation teacher.  “It’s normal for our minds to be overactive, so because you’re thinking and taking in the sounds around you doesn’t mean that you’re doing meditation wrong.  It actually means you’re doing it right!  The goal is to create more focus.”

According to - meditation also helps with anxiety because it quiets the overactive brain.  “For someone with anxiety, it sometimes feels like their mind is like a hamster on a wheel - constantly running, but not really getting anywhere,”  says Tom Corboy, a Marriage and Family Therapist and co-author of The Mindfulness Workbook for OCD and also founder and executive director of the OCD Center of Los Angeles.

He further mentions that we get anxious because we buy into our thoughts and feelings.  This becomes overwhelming and yet our thoughts don’t warrant this undivided attention. 

Meditation cultivates an attitude of nonjudgmental acceptance according to Corboy.  “The goal is not to get to a place where your life is free of problems - that’s not possible - but rather to develop the skill of accepting the existence of those problems without overvaluing them.”

So what are you waiting for?  The time is right, and the right now is the time.

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