7 Exercises you Need to Work on for Stress-free Holiday Travel

Written by Margaux Diaz


Holidays are the time when people need to break off from what they do in their routines and have fun while relaxing the body and mind. It is therefore very important to make sure that you enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Unfortunately, not all people enjoy their holiday. The major issues that affect a holiday especially the Christmas holiday are the family ties, finances, choosing gifts, high expectations, food and drinks and sometimes work. For you to enjoy your holiday, you need to break away from all these.

Remember that you have been preoccupied for the rest of the year and that this is a very important time for you. One way to get away from all this is to make sure that you have some exercises every day while on your holiday. Though exercises are important, it does not mean that you load your treadmill machine and other bulky GYM equipment into the trunk of your car. The best exercises while on holiday are the ones that you can just do with your body without any additional equipment. You can do away with weight loss supplement pills by taking exercises in your holiday.


Walking is the best form of aerobic activity for the body during a holiday. Many people want to explore during their holiday and will thus drive most of the time to save on time. But you can spare some time to walk in the parks or climb a hill. This will relax your body before getting into the car for another drive. It is also a good idea to walk while connecting to the terminals. For a good walk, all you need is to have your comfortable shoes. A walk is more effective than a weight loss supplement.

Morning jogs

If your holiday is scheduled to take a few days away from home, a morning jog is a good exercise. Morning jogs are important as they prepare you for the day ahead. It will give you some energy and assist the body in relaxing from a night of sleep. They are important in helping reduce stress and anxiety. It may also give you joint pain relief. Most of the time old age individual have the problem of joints so morning jogs would be considered as best exercise for them to recover joint pain.

Stretching the muscles

After a long drive, your muscles will feel cramped and tired. You should take a short break to stretch up and enhance blood flow to all parts of the body. You can sneak and stretch as you wait for the rest of your company in the trip get back to the car or as you wait for the gate to a park to be opened for you. Yoga is best recommended for stretching the body and when one needs to break a sweat.

Knee lifts

Some exercises can be done on board to reduce stress and anxiety during a flight. It is however allowed to do some exercises while still on board as long as the ‘fasten seat belt sign’ is not on. Knee lifts will relax your body and do not need you to rise from your seat. It involves alternate lifting of legs to the chest and making sure that you feel the body muscles relax. A repetition of about twenty lifts is good enough. You may need to repeat this a few times at intervals of one hour or so depending on the length of your flight.

Calf raises

While standing in the aisle, make sure you get some balance by placing one or both of your hands on the wall or on the seat close to you. Take a deep breath and then rise on the balls of your feet. Hold there for as long as thirty seconds and then lower your calves as you breathe out. Make a set of ten such movements to help relax the muscles of your lower body.

Shoulder rolls

You can perform this while seated or in a standing position. Just shrug your shoulders so that the whole of the chest region is relaxed and then roll them back. Repeat this for a couple of times before changing the direction.

Ankle rolls

While still on your seat, stretch one leg with your thumb finger in pointing position. Try drawing a circle in the clockwise direction. After five attempts, switch to the other leg and try the same.


Exercises are an important part of your holiday and also better for your lifestyle fitness. They are more important than concentrating on where to grab a snack or a milkshake. However, a holiday should not be a starving camp. Eat well and always make the right decisions.

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