Reduce Your Under Eye Puffiness with Makeup

Written by Evlin Symon

No one wants puffy under eyes. But many people are prone to having them. Unfortunately, you can’t will them away. We aren’t talking about the puffy eyes that you get after crying for long hours. We are talking about the puffy eyes that you wake up with when you’ve got a million things to do like get to work on time, make a presentation, meet a new client, or go on a first date. None of these things are fun to do with puffy eyes. Instead of focusing on the tasks at hand you look tired and are worried about people focusing on your annoying under eye puffiness. So what do you do? Most people just go with the flow and suffer through their puffy eyes. Others will make themselves late by trying to force the swelling of the eyes down with cold compresses, cubes of ice, or slices of cucumber. We are giving you the inside tips that will help you rid your eyes of puffiness thanks to the magic of makeup. But before we get into that let’s start with understanding what under eye puffiness is and why it happens.

What are puffy under eyes and why do they occur?
Puffy under eyes are the swelling of the under eye area. To the eye, it seems as if the skin that resides just below the eye is lifted and expanded outward. They happen when there is an excess amount of fluid inside of the connective tissue that lies beneath the eyes, this buildup of fluid is known as edema. Most poeple who experience puffy under eyes on a regular basis do because they are just genetically prone to puffy under eyes, or have been crying. However there are other causes. Some other causes of puffy under eyes are allergies that cause inflammation and swelling, lack of proper sleep, lack of water, sinus issues, or an excess intake of salt causing the body to retain water.

Some of the causes of puffiness under eyes is within our control. For example, you can control how much salt you ingest during the day, how much water you drink, or how much sleep you get at night. However, many of the causes are out of your control. You can’t always control allergies especially when they are seasonal and if you are just naturally more prone to under eye puffiness you just have to learn to manage them. So what do you do on days that your under eyes are puffy?

How to fix puffy under eyes with makeup?
There are several ways that you can use beauty and skin care products in order to rid your eyes of puffiness.

1. Use a moisturizing base
The first step is to use an under eye moisturizer that has properties in it that reduce swelling underneath the eyes. You want to make sure that this area of skin is hydrated as well as soothed before you apply any other type of makeup. The last thing that you want to do is irritate the area more and cause more inflammation. Use a cream or gel that is formulated to reduce the amount of fluid in this area and one that is sensitive enough to use on this area. Always keep in mind that the skin around your eyes is some of the most sensitive skin on your body. You should look for products that have ingredients like caffeine, mushroom extract, or aloe vera.

You shouldn’t just reach for your cream or gel when your eyes are puffy in the morning or when you have a special event. If you are prone to puffy eyes, the best scenario is that you use this product every single day, twice a day. When you wake up and before you go to bed. This will help prevent the bags from returning.

2. Use concealer
After you use your gel or cream, you should follow with concealer to expertly hide your puffiness. All you need to do this is a cream concealer, using cream gives you a more blendable product with a more natural finish, you also need a small blending brush. The concealer should be one or two shades lighter than the actual tone of your skin. It isn’t a difficult concept but it may take you a few tries to get this makeup trick right for skin care.

When you have puffy under eyes, the puffiness will create a shadow that brings attention to wear the puffy skin meets your leveled skin. That shadow is what we’re going to focus on. Apply some of your concealer to the back of your hand. Dip the brush in a little bit of the product. Place the concealer on the shadow and blend it into the skin making sure that you don’t highlight the bag itself. Just the shadow that it creates that separates it from the rest of your skin. With the shadow gone your bag will be barely noticeable and the first step will help the swelling go down as the day goes on.

Under eye puffiness doesn’t have to be a pain anymore! Just use our simple two step system to rid your eyes of them!



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